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Brushes and Colors: digital sketchbooks

dragon by fossfor
There has been a bit of a buzz lately about Brushes, an app which turns your iPhone into a mini sketchpad. Apparently even David Hockney uses this! I have not tried Brushes but I do use Colors, another little app for the iPhone and Nintendo DS.
Colors is a great app, I use it on my DS lite with a chunky kid's stylus. One of the things that make it so great is that it takes advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the DS lite, just as if you were using a real Wacom or Cyntiq, but pocket sized. I'm not sure if Brushes has this feature but I don't think so.
To put Colors on your DS you have to buy a flash cart for homebrew apps. I use a R4 Revolution for DS. It is quite easy to set up, there is a good walkthrough on joystiq.

Brushes gallery

Colors gallery and my page


globalwarming said...

good sket and nice blog friend!!!

Munin said...

I love a good dragon sketch. Are green dragons my favorite? Possibly.