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Patchblox art links

Patchblox is a mosaic of art links. You can add your own links if you have a little avatar or banner. It's fun because it changes every day, so you never know what you will find. It's sent quite a lot of traffic my way so far, so I would recommend putting your link up.
See if you can find mine:

moji tabby

siamese cat on a laptop id image
fleaboxer moji character
abe sapien


Anne Bradshaw said...

Fascinating blog! Don't know how to do the avitar thing, so can't add to the patchblox link, but thanks for the information. Found this site on the Fantasy tab.

Fossfor said...

thanks anne. It's easy to add a link ,just make a .gif image of 50 x 50 pixels and upload it wherever you like on the mosaic.