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I love to draw horses but always have to use reference to get them looking right. I came across this neat little horsie tutorial from Droemar. It really helped me to understand the body and neck shapes better and my horses are starting to look a bit more dynamic, before they looked really wooden and stiff . In the second page of this tutorial she shows how to draw trotting and galloping and common mistakes people make when inventing horse poses. This is also really helpful.
Here are some pages from my sketchbook using these tutorials, a bit wonky but but encouraging even so.


Fayaz said...

i love ur works!

saxyphone said...

those are awesome drawings! Love it a lot!

letjim14344 said...

hi. thanks for sharing how you do the horses. I need to learn that too and other animals as well coz I just can't make them look real. Have a nice day!