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Pose mainiacs

If you want to try some figure drawing and don't have a model handy, why not try Pose mainiacs ? this is a really useful site with daily poses requested by users, random poses, negative space, and even 30 second poses. You can also turn the model 360°to get a complete view.
What I like is the random element which just does not happen if you have to set up everything first in a pose program for yourself. Another great thing is that even in real life a lot of these dramatic forshortened views would be nearly impossible to get.

Random pose sketches

negative space sketches


ramzahn said...

seems pretty good to me. do more...

Fossfor said...

thanks!I'm working on it ;)

Tomas Karkalas said...

Wow, it was so lovely to glimpce at ABC ... Is it not the crown of artistry?
Thank you. I wish you the best.